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Wake Up With The Cubs And White Sox Emptying Benches And Having An All Out Brawl

Everyone knows these two clubs don’t like each other. Throw the record books out when the 2 Chicago teams meet for a baseball game. Everyone remembers the 2006 incident between them. Noted good guy, AJ Pierzynski, absolutely steamrolls Michael Barrett, and just for good measure, he goes back and slaps home plate. I guess he thought he missed the plate, cuz man he ran right through Barrett’s chest. And then after AJ slaps the plate, he gets up and again, tries to put his shoulder through Barrett’s chest. The Cubs’ catcher didn’t really like that, gives Pierzynski a little hug, and then delivers a nice little punch to the face of Pierzynski. AJ stumbled back and the two teams go at it. I’ve never really liked Pierzyski, and man did he come off looking bad here. It wasn’t the best punch and he stumbles back like he was shot. Could have had a reallll good fight between the 2 Chicago  teams, but Pierzynski kind of takes a back seat here and lets the rest of the guys fight it out. I award this round to Barrett and the Cubs.