Football Guy of the Week Nominees: CFB Bowl Week 1 and NFL Week 16

Time is running out for Football Guys to become Football Guys, at least during the season. Luckily, we still have solid candidates across the board today. The holiday time is when Football Guys can make serious progress standing out. It’s when everyone else is hanging on the couch and taking a break that Football Guys spend that extra hour in the gym or doing whatever it is to take that extra step. Let’s see what’s in store this week:

Patriots LB/FB Elandon Roberts on playing fullback: “I run through a mothafucka’s face. Offense, defense, special teams — don’t matter.”

This is basically the only mentality you are allowed to have if you get the honor and privilege to suit up as a fullback in the National Football League. Mr. Commenter must be so proud. Not a bad time to pick up your first career Fullback Assist, either.

Ravens OL Bradley Bozeman: Lives in an RV with his wife.


This is a good one. Being on the 53-man roster in the NFL usually means you’re making a solid paycheck, but Bozeman does things his way, so an RV it is. Will he be driving this guy down to Miami the first week in February? Only time will tell.

Tattoo artist Mike Hamill: Tattooed the Myles Garrett helmet swing on a man’s thigh.


Nick Saban’s daughter, Kristen, after her dad said “she has a tremendous grit about her” during her wedding.

We have a Football Gal sighting. Regardless of the fact that he’s your father, being told you have “tremendous grit” by one of the greatest coaches of all time should not be taken lightly. Congrats on tying the knot as well.