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Blobfish Voted Ugliest Animal In the World



YAHOO – This is the blobfish, a squishy and endangered deep sea creature that floats in the waters off the coast of Australia. It has recently been given the illustrious distinction as “the world’s ugliest animal” by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, a collaborative effort between the British Science Association and the National Science + Engineering Competition, which is dedicated to “raising the profile of some of Mother Nature’s more aesthetically challenged children.”

I have absolutely no respect for the blobfish or as the comment section affectionately refers to it as the Portnoyfish. None whatsoever. You want to know why? Because he has no self respect that’s why. See here is the difference between me and the Blobfish. I don’t sit there with my huge nose all pale and gross feeling bad for myself. Seriously bro clean the fucking drool out of your mouth. Go out and get a tan dude. Be funny. Be athletic. Be well dressed. Be smart. Be rich. Do something. Do anything. LIke yeah you got dealt a shitty hand. Big deal. So did I. You don’t see me sulking about it. I turned that shit around and used it as motivation to become a mogul. That’s how you do it. You don’t sit there with a frown on your face and just go extinct and get voted the ugliest animal alive. You’re never gonna get blobfish pussy that way. Wake up.