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What The Fuck Is Going On With Skip Bayless' Microwave?

One of the laziest parts about the modern internet has become “Hey look at what I found in the background of your picture ha ha bet you didn’t anticipate putting that out into the public when you sent this picture of your cock and balls, boy must you feel embarrassed!” And yet… that’s exactly what this blog is going to be.

Skip Bayless man what the fuck is going on with your microwave? Why is it so low? Why is there a trash can in front of it? Is that a load bearing microwave? The only explanation I’ll accept is if the microwave was the first piece to this home and they built around it. Like it’s the keystone to the entire structure. That’s the only way the placement, the location, the height, any of it makes sense. Granted, Skip doesn’t strike me as a guy who even uses a microwave. This is maybe the most vain person in show business about his personal appearance. He said he “treats” himself on Thanksgiving to one (1) diet coke for dessert and that’s it for the year. Every other move is made with his body, his temple, in mind. So his household may not be one that even has a need nor desire for a microwave. Which, in that case, why even have one? Why waste the space? What an infuriating kitchen to look at. WHY IS THE TRASH CAN SO SMALL?