Worst Person Alive Attempts To Steal Shine From Grandma Turning Up At Eagles Tailgate

I’ve worked in viral videos for years now. Which in internet time makes me as old as the subject of this video. The first dozen or so seconds of this were a delight. Grandma getting lubed up and turning up to a song she in no, way, shape or form considers to be “music.” But in this moment, she don’t care. Joyous times are being had, the drinks are flowing, it’s Eagles game day, the division is on the line, why not get in the spirit and join in with the youngsters like her mother would have to some Chubby Checker to connect with her. And then, what I can only describe to be the worst human breathing decides to attempt to steal the moment. Make it all about her. Completely block the camera so that grandma is eclipsed. To me, this kind of behavior is despicable and worthy of at least a call to the police.

But furthermore, outside of the morality of this act, as someone with a keen eye for viral videos this chick cost thousands of retweets, hearts, and likes. Don’t even get me started on the number of views. This grandma was like seven seconds of clear screen time away from meeting Ellen until Samantha here realized the spotlight had been off of her for long enough and decided to kamikaze the entire moment for everyone involved.