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HAVE A DAY NYHEIM HINES! Colts Beat Panthers 38-6

For a meaningless game, it sure was entertaining! The Colts snapped their 4-game losing streak and demolished the Panthers in the last home game of the season. In my pregame blog, I said I was going to jinx my predictions and of course, I was right. What I jinxed the most was our special teams' performance. Nyheim Hines had not one, not two, but TWO punt return touchdowns!


It's about time Chester Rogers got replaced! Nyheim dropped a handful of punts in the preseason which makes me think that's why he didn't start all season, but he's damn Darren Sproles and should've been starting all year!

The offense was solid. It was a Run The Damn Ball Day as Marlon Mack reached hit 1,000 yards this season. Jordan Wilkins and Mack each had 1 TD and over 80 yards. Poor Jack Doyle got his shit rocked by Vernon Butler! I love it when players aim for other players helmet instead of their gut. The stupidity amazes me every time.

Besides calling the Colts winners, I did predict Christian McCaffrey would have a day (173 total yards), but that didn't mean shit as the Panthers only put up 6 points the entire game. Our defense had a field day picking off Will Grier three times and sacking him 5 times! 

Since we're 7-9 and not tanking, it seems that our motto is .500 OR BUST. Next week we play the Jaguars in the final game of the year. I will be damned if I don't see Chad Kelly vs Gardner Minshew or finalize this 3 way. One of these HAS to happen. Merry Christmas to you all and as always, Go Horse.