New "Is The Dress Blue Or Gold" Style Debate Involves Which Direction A Kid On A Swing Is Facing And What Are We Even Doing Anymore, People

TWO blogs on this subject within the span of an hour?! Must be an extremely newsworthy & hot topic...

For starters, we all recall the great 'is the dress blue or gold' debate of yore. Well we're swingin' into the next big controversy just in time for the New Year…

Ok, before you scroll the rest of the blog, watch this video below and decide whether you think the kid on the swing is facing TOWARDS the building or AWAY from it. 

Do you have the answer in your head? Alright then - Let's have some Barstool folks tell you why you're right/wrong. 

Team Nate says the kid is facing AWAY from the building and towards the viewer. 

Feits agrees:

Team Call Him Mommy says the kid is facing TOWARDS the building and away from the viewer: 

And he seems to have lost his marbles trying to explain this to everyone:

Team Coley believes the kid is facing both AWAY and TOWARDS the building at the same time and is FURIOUS about it:

Of course, other people have weighed in with close ups of the swing bars & kid's coat outline & leg bends & their own theories:

Whatever you think it is, the one thing we can all agree on is what are we even doing anymore, people? As a try-hard who crafts tweets of the highest-brow material every day for a meager smattering of 'likes', I am green with envy seeing a dumb tweet like this get all the shine, and I refuse to take part in it. 

In closing, the kid is facing the building and you're a total jabroni moron face if you don't see it.