Old Man Golf Media Member John Huggan Has Left The Building

And just like that, Ol Huggsy is gone. Disappeared in the middle of the night like the Baltimore Colts. I can’t go back and find the original tweet because John deleted his entire account but this all started when Old Man Huggan got his breathing tubes in a bunch over this Frankie Borrelli tweet


John didn’t like that one bit and couldn’t believe the PGA Tour would give a media credential to a guy who would tweet something like that. It’s a bit ironic that Frankie’s tweet about wanting Tiger to end Abraham Ancer’s career actually led to the end of John Huggan’s Twitter career.

Frankie then responded by saying somebody needs to put him in a home

That led to a full on Twitter war between Fan Boys and Old Man Golf Media that lasted the final couple days of our Australia trip. Everyone throwing shots at everyone. As it usually goes, nothing really got accomplished, but it was nice to spar a little bit. Felt good to get the blood flowing. It eventually settled down and everybody retreated to their respective corners.

Well fast forward to yesterday and bitter old Huggan was at it again, taking offense to Max Homa roasting people’s golf swings on Twitter

Just a stunning thing to do. Literally everybody in the world was enjoying the roasts Max Homa was dishing out. Well everybody except John Huggan who thinks Twitter should be used for……. what exactly? Yelling at clouds? Hard to say. Ol Huggsy’s bitterness clearly crossed the line because even other self-proclaimed members of Old Man Golf Media were telling Huggan to shut up


The funny thing about a guy like John Huggan is he talks shit about Max Homa for using Twitter for self promotion but Huggan is so self important that he feels the need to announce his exit from Twitter. Nobody cares dude. Just go. The platform is better without you. Again, this is a guy who came at us while we were doing nothing but minding our own business and doing our own thing at the Presidents Cup. There’s enough seats at the table for everyone but we’re not gonna sit quietly if someone takes unprovoked shots at us because they’re jealous and scared of what we represent.

I leave you with Matt Ginella exposing John Huggan and snatching his soul all in one tweet

Good riddance, John Huggan.

PS- I’m sure in a couple days or weeks John will make his triumphant return to Twitter dot com because, despite what he may think, he needs self promotion just like the rest of us.