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I Got A Welcome Home Surprise Of A Lifetime From My Family + Colts Vs Panthers Pregame Blog

It's really been an emotional Christmas break so far. After being away from my family for so long (really just 3 weeks), I had no idea I was going to be set up for a "Welcome Home" surprise of a lifetime.

It just goes to show how proud they are and how Christmas can be a roller coaster of emotions. And yes, BDS runs in the family. While this was sweet and all, today is gameday and I have a terrible feeling we are going to beat the Panthers.


I don't want to win! We're knocked out of the playoffs, we're 6-8, let's just tank these last 2 games and get the best draft pick possible. Mark my words, we're going to do the opposite. Here are the keys to winning today's game:

Offense: Play Like You've Never Played Before

-Throw some picks, throw some incompletions, and run the ball for just a few yards. This will allow the Panthers to build confidence throughout the game. Stay off the field as much as possible.

Defense: Treat McCaffrey Like An Honorary Make-A-Wish Running Back

-Let Christian McCaffrey run like it's his last game of his career. Make Will Grier look like Joe Montana. Anything we can do to make their offense better I'm all for it!

Special Teams: Play Like Normal

-If we keep missing players to block on punts and miss a few field goals here and there, we'll be golden.


I just know I'm going to jinx everything I said. We're going to win this game. I love the Horse but if we win, then we lose. If we lose, then we win. With that being said, I'm going Colts 33 - Panthers 17. As always, Stop Horse. Oh, and thank you to Mr. Irsay for closing the roof and windows as it's currently 46 degrees in Indy. Another great call as always.