Eight Minutes Of Bill Belichick And Randy Moss Fawning Over Each Other Will Bring A Tear To Your God Damn Eye
I'm only blogging this because Jerry is in church getting his weekly pre-game prayers in. Seriously though, you don't have to be a Patriots fan to appreciate what those two had. I'm not even going to bring his relationship with Tom into picture, I'll leave that to Old Balls, but man watching these two reminisce is something else. There's just such a mutual respect. You've got the greatest coach of all time telling a former player that he taught him more about the passing game than anyone else. You can tell he's proud by the way he looks at him…
Screen Shot 2019-12-21 at 3.01.56 PM
Like a father whose son exceeded his expectations. It's fucking beautiful. This has nothing to do with the game today but it might. Pray for the Bills. Pats by a trillion.