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"In The Air Tonight" By Phil Collins Hypes Us Up And Takes Us Into Fantasy Football Championship Weekend

If you are reading this blog, it likely means you made it to the championship round of your league. In the words of Simon Peter Gruber, "Congratulations, you're still alive". You survived the absolute carnage of the regular season and the complete randomness of the previous rounds to be at the precipice of unlimited bragging rights over your buddies for the next year thanks to cunning roster moves and unlimited football knowledge. Everything from the season has prepared you for this matchup and you are going to start crushing as soon as your first game kicks off, which could be during today's pretty sweet slate of matchups.


Now scare away those nerves by listening the greatest hype song in the video above and if you need some good juju while setting your lineup, listen to the song below (If you have any tough Start/Bench decisions, make sure to tweet them @UncleChaps).

You should be in the right frame of mind for the most nerve racking weekend of a person's life. But if you need one last boost, may I suggest ordering your favorite meal at some point today or tomorrow. You have earned it.


P.S. If your league's playoffs go into Week 17, your commissioner should be impeached before you finish reading this blog.