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The Garden Crowd Forced Brad Stevens To Put Tacko Fall Into The Game And It Was Glorious

The entire fourth quarter the Garden was begging for Brad to put Tacko into this blowout. Every chant was about Tacko. The Garden had a fever and the only prescription was more Tacko Fall. He started fucking with them, standing up and pretending to walk over to the scorer’s table only to sit back down. It was all fun and games but legitimately, if he did not get into this game, I’d be blogging about how the Garden is currently on fire and being looted by thousands of angry Bostonians. Brad Stevens knew this and like a Roman Emperor at the Colosseum finally gave the crowd what they wanted. Four minutes of pure, unadulterated joy because of one man during the holiday season. Tacko Fall is like Santa in a lot of ways, but that’s a blog for another day.