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Massport Doing It Big Staging Fake Emergency Drills Complete With Fire And Smoke At Logan On the Anniversary of 9/11



BOSTON ( Massport released an apology Wednesday after conducting drills that included smoke and fire at Logan International Airport. “Massport apologizes for conducting the fire training exercise and understands that it may have offended many of those touched by the events of Sept. 11,” read a statement from the organization. “Safety and security is our top priority and constant vigilance and readiness is critical, but the exercise should not have taken place on the anniversary of 9/11.” FOX 25 asked Gov. Deval Patrick about the drills. He said he was not aware they were taking place and called holding them on the anniversary of the attacks “dumb.” “I just heard about that and I’m just I mean I didn’t know it was going to happen and it’s just dumb I mean the timing could not be worse.”SKYFOX was over the scene Wednesday morning as Massport and Boston fire crews conducted the drill. Heavy smoke and fire could be seen coming from the area.

There is dumb and then there is next level dumb. I’d say running emergency fire drills at Logan Airport on the anniversary of 9/11 would qualify as next level dumb. Almost a fireable offense right? Like I’m not saying they did it on purpose, but if you can’t figure out that you shouldn’t be doing this today then you probably can’t be trusted with anything. I’m talking I wouldn’t trust whoever green lighted this to get my coffee in the morning never mind protecting people’s lives.