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The Danwagon Is Back On Track To Face The Redskins This Week And I Am Not Sure How I Feel About It

If you had told me before the season started that I would not be sure how I felt about having Daniel Jones start a meaningless Week 16 game the Redskins at the end of yet ANOTHER lost season, I would have thought that my little lamb was either a magnificent bust that had no chance to show us anything or Eli was playing well enough to earn the last two starts of his Giants career. Instead, this news has turned me into my twin sister.


Obviously I want Daniel Jones to get two more games under his belt for a few reasons. I want him to get as many fumbles out of his system now so I can blame them on rookie mistakes that can only make him stronger. The Giants offense is much more watchable with DJ under center. And I don't want Eli putting his .500 career regular season record on the line again after having as close to a perfect send off as you can have for a 3-11 team.

But the most important part of Sunday is that the Giants lose. I don't care if Daniel Jones has 3 touchdowns or 3 interceptions. I would rather him put up a 500/5/0 game in a loss than any other stat line in a win because a loss means this freak show goes from potentially haunting the Redskins for the next 10+ years to haunting the Giants for the next 10+ years because of a game none of us will remember the minute it's over.

If it was up to me, I would have Alex Tanney play this week, sign Jonathan Stewart's corpse back off from waivers, and put ever starter worth a damn in bubble wrap until next season. The Giants currently have the tiebreaker for the 2 pick and the Dolphins play the Bengals this weekend. Unfortunately the decision is up to Pat Shurmur, whose job is on the line if it hasn't already been decided, which means he will probably fuck us out of a loss instead of his usual tactic of fucking us out of a win. Now I feel sad. And hopeless. But most of all angry.

Please lose on Sunday, Daniel. Unless you want to worry about this happening to you twice a year every year for the rest of your career.


P.S. If the Giants play their way out of the 2 pick, I will talk myself into those Chase Young quotes about potentially staying in school so quickly, it'll make your head spin.

P.P.S. This stat is a goddamn rollercoaster for Daniel Jones fans like myself