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Whoa! Check Out The Entire Mixtape Of Adam 'White Chocolate' Sandler

Ohhhhh shit, that's a legit mixtape. Coley blogged about the touch pass from the top of the key, which started going viral last night before we were gifted the entire tape: 


I mean there are stories of Sandler actually being a decent hooper, but some of these moves are damn impressive. The Sandman out here just making people faint watching his passing from the top of the key like an older White Chocolate. Not only that but this outfit is perfect. This is exactly what I want Adam Sandler to wear when he hoops. He respects the early-mid 2000s more than anyone else with this Julius Hodge length baggy t-shirt and the shorts that cover your entire leg.

He's got the entire bag though. The touch pass from the top of the key. The hesi on the baseline into the reverse. The mid-range game with that pull up jumper. He can lull dudes to sleep with that cross. Then it happens. The no look, behind the back pass which is just beautiful. I mean that's Jason Williams, I've seen it with my own eyes. Big man has gotta finish that though. You can't be going up soft and costing the Sandman an assist. 

What can't this dude do on the court? 


Always hooping in style too. That's what makes him the SandMan, which is an A+ And-1 Mixtape Tour name in its own right. And since we called him an older White Chocolate, here's the obligatory Jason Williams mixtape.