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The Bucks Twitter Account Shitting On The Lakers Is Good Stuff

One of the best parts of life in 2019 is now when there's a big time win in the NBA and someone really good loses, the hurt of the loss is only the beginning. Before the body is even cold you can bank on that team's Twitter account coming from the clouds to dance on some graves publicly. You may remember just 10 days ago we had the Bjelica game winner in HOU/SAC which was immediately followed by this ruthless tweet

the combination of clowning the Rockets for being babies and protesting their loss in SA and rubbing salt on the wound of a game winner, it was very well done. Enter the Bucks, who like the Lakers were 24-4 and are coming off a decent 18 game winning streak. They have the new face of the league in Giannis, who just so happened to outplay everyone on the floor.

What better time to unleash something that was probably in their drafts all season. There's few better feelings than being able to unload your drafts, anyone who uses Twitter can attest to that. And it's a nice reminder what a pathetic tweet that was this preseason. The LAKERS, a franchise who when you add titles from another city are one of the most decorated franchises in history and they are talking shit about preseason. Very sad!

All in all a great performance from the Bucks on the floor and on social media tonight. It begs to question though, if your favorite team's Twitter account doesn't talk shit after a big win, did it even happen?