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Looks Like The Eagles Have Brought In Reinforcements In Case Carson Wentz Can't Get The Job Done On Sunday

Big game for Carson Wentz on Sunday. Huuuuuuuuuge game. Some are saying it may even be the biggest game of his career. A win against Dallas at home on Sunday and the Philadelphia Eagles have a chance to go back to the playoffs for the 3rd straight year, and win their 2nd division title in that time. 

Now by this point, everybody knows that I've been the biggest Wentz supporter throughout this entire season. With all the Wentz vs Foles shit Eagles fans have gotten into this year, my faith in Carson has never faltered. With that being said...I'm willing to admit that he has had a couple games this season that haven't been, well, great. The Seattle game in particular. So with so much on the line this Sunday, the Birds can't afford to be taking any chances. If Carson starts to look like the Carson we saw against Seattle, it's time to get somebody else in there who can get the job done. A man who is a certified winner.  A man who is a merciless jackhammer. Someone who is willing to put his nuts out there for all to see and will this team to victory. We're talking about a man named Josh McCown. Wait. No. That's not Josh McCown. That's longtime Philadelphia Eagles longsnapper and tight end Mike Bartrum. 


Good release. Looks like he gets the ball out quickly instead of holding on to it for 15 seconds while you're shaky offensive line stops blocking 7 seconds in. Large hands so he won't fumble the ball. Born in the 70s so you know he's not a pussy. He's perfectly fit for this team. 

Either that or maybe the Eagles know that Dak Prescott's shoulder is a little fucked so they're using an old guy on the practice squad to imitate his weakened arm strength. Either way, need to see 47 take a couple snaps on Sunday. Maybe run the Philly special with him and you can have Greg Ward send him into the endzone for 6. 

Go Birds.