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Nobody Is Gnarlier Than The Amish

The world is constantly getting more technically advanced. And because of that, the world is also constantly getting less gnarly. People aren't going out and shredding anymore. They're staying inside to play video games. Instead of carving up some fresh pow, they'll just check it out while wearing some virtual reality contraption. It's a shame, really. 

But lucky for us, the Amish don't partake in any of the technological advancements of the modern age. So if there's any group of people out there who are going to keep the world hella gnarly, it's them. Can we start saying hella again? I feel like it's been long enough now where you can at least get it off ironically. But yeah the Amish fuckin' shred, bro. 

They may not use electricity but they sure know how to bring it. And this is what we need more of in the world. Too many people complaining that its cold outside. Uhhhh hey, bozo. If it's so freezing out there, then how about you strap on a pair of skis and shred your goddamn face off? Best part is you don't even need to pay for gas here. Which can be a real pain in the ass sometimes in today's economy. Has anybody even questioned gas prices before? It's just something that we seemingly have no control over. We show up one day and a gallon costs one price. We show up the next day and it's an entirely different price. Nobody says anything. Nobody questions it. We just pay for the gas because we don't have any other option. The more I think about it, the more the Amish have the right idea. 

Either way, I'm pumped up for XGames Lancaster this winter.