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Barstool's Top 10 Tik Toks Of The Week Volume 3

Welcome back to Back to Barstool's Top 10 Tik Toks of the Week: Volume 3. We got a hell of a lineup featuring yours truly, Mush, Kate, Kenjac, Willie, B-Newman, and Jack Mac. Unbiased as always, here are the top 10 toks of the week!

1. I'm Stevie Wonder And You're Watching Disney Channel!

2. Literally How My End Of The Year Review With Dave Went

3. Behind The Scenes At Barstool Sports Part 1.

4. Dream Job Working For Barstool Sports

5. Give Your Pet An Egg And See What Happens

6. Duet With @hey_babe_hello

7. Can Someone Send This To Josh Gordon?

8. Why Fila Whyyyyy

9. When Girls Post Instagram Birthday Shoutouts To Their Lady Friends (I thought this would blow up, oh well). 

10. What Is Your Favorite iPhone Game?