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Antonio Brown Calls Himself the 'Best 6th Rounder of All Time' and Hilarity Ensues

Oh, Antonio Brown. I wish I could quit you. But I just can't bring myself to walk away. Any more than I can keep my eyes on the road when the cops have a guy pulled over and are giving him a Field Sobriety test. The show is just too good to pass up. 

I'll give Mr. Big Chest this. First, this is far from the goofiest thing he's Tweeted out lately.

Second, it's quite an accomplishment to be drafted in the high 100s-low 200s and still have a long and productive NFL career. And it has to be extremely gratifying to know you accomplished so much more than all the scouts and personnel people thought you could. Because despite all the tens of millions of dollars they spend on the process, as the cliche goes, they still don't have a way to measure heart. 

So of course AB should be proud to count himself among the best sixth rounders off all time. Terrell Davis, Pierre Garcon, Jason Kelce, Danny Trevathan, Antoine Bethea, former Steeler great Greg Lloyd, and, while I'm no fan of him as a human being, Greg Hardy. Come to think of it, Brown had a couple of teammates on his last team who were really successful sixth rounders, including Jason McCourty. 

And as the social mediaverse reminded Brown in one, resounding voice, another guy. Who some might consider slightly better than him. 

And my personal favorite reaction:

In all there are currently 995 Retweets on this one, and by rough estimate, about 98% of them are along the same lines. Only most of them are not that kind. If only the internet had some way to search basic facts before you post them and make yourself sound stupid and delusional. Somebody ought to get going on that. I bet they'd make a fortune.

But I'm not even mad. I'm actually worried about the guy. When you're as obsessed with Tom Brady has he is - and believe me, I am - and can't remember that he was taken 6th round/199th overall, a fact that has been hammered home 10 times a day every day since he became a starter in 2001 by every play-by-play guy, analyst, sideline reporter, desk jockey, talk show goon and infatuated, starstruck, obnoxious, swooning, Bradysexual fanboy blogger in America? Then you have left the material world and I'm afraid there's no coming back. Which is not a great look when you're unemployed and your only job is posting your own self-delusional shit all day. #PrayforAB