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I'm Putting Susanna On The Naughty List

It's been a hot minute since we last talked. I'm in NYC for the holiday party so things have been a little quiet on a blogging front. Not a vacation by any stretch of the imagination because we're doing radio and going to meetings and shit. But at the same time we've been a little distant the last 24 hours on the blog so please don't hold it against me. I come bearing gifts in the name of a full-leg, near-midnight bubble bath picture from Barstool Chicago's favorite MILF Susanna: 

If we're being honest though, I'm a little disappointed in the sour cream distribution. It's very top heavy which pressures the foundation of an already moist paper plate. The bubble bath humidity certainly isn't helping either but you have to love the effort.

That's what makes it move for me. Sure I love the All Class aspects of nachos in a bathtub but most important is the hustle. Getting the shredded cheese. Taking the time to warm up the chili bean sauce before layering it over a bed of tostitos. The little extra MILF touches that make a difference. 

Susanna you bad girl. Right to the Naughty List.