Dude Shoots His Son In Dispute Over Cable, Then Stabs Himself So They Could Continue Their Fight In The Afterlife

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Raw Story – A Minnesota man said last week that he fatally shot his son, and then tried to kill himself so they could continue the altercation in the “afterlife.” WCCO reported that a criminal complaint filed on Thursday alleged that 84-year-old Pang Se Vang shot and killed his son, 36-year-old Chue Vang, last Monday after the son refused to pay to install cable television. A second brother told police that he came downstairs after his mother heard gunfire, and found his brother apparently dead of a gunshot wound. The second brother said that he wrestled a shotgun away from the father, who retreated into his bedroom. After police arrived, the suspect refused to leave his room, saying that he had stabbed himself in the chest. The criminal complaint alleged that Vang admitted shooting his son, and stabbing himself because he “did not want to settle the issue in court. He would settle the dispute with his son when they reached the afterlife.” Vang was eventually apprehended by members of the Ramsey County SWAT team, who found him covered in blood on the bedroom floor. The suspect’s pastor told police that the son had said that the father could move out if he was angry about not having cable.

If I raised a son who didn’t want to have cable I’d probably shoot him too. And if he died like a pussy before I was really finished with him I’d try to fight him in Hell also. Because not having cable in 2014 is inexcusable. Punishable by death and then a afterlife ass whipping. Its what hipsters and assholes do. People who want to be different and want you to know about it. “Oh I just watch Hulu and Netflix. I stream whatever sports I need over the internet.” Whatever, Poor Person. You don’t have cable you’re a loser and you’re poor. Your father should have raised you better and now that its too late and you’re a lost cause he should kill you and then try to kill himself.

PS – Even though people died in this story they are Asian so it doesn’t really count.