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Chick Peeing On A Dude Passed Out At Ultra Is Getting Me Going

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 1.22.52 PM


So this is what its come to. This is where we’re at in life. So many hours of free streaming porn on Youjizz. So many buses and hunters and Casting Couches and machines and various types of violence. My shit barely moves these days for anything normal. So the fact that I took one look at this picture of a chick supposedly pissing on a lifeless dude at a techno festival and my first thought was “Oh yeah.” I most definitely would. Probably wouldn’t even be mad if I was that guy when I woke up and saw this picture. I’d be like “Thats right. Went down to Ultra and partied so hard I had smokes peeing in my mouth.” Thats basically what its come to these days. Thats what it takes to get the average guy revved up.