According To Science Most People Like The Yankees



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WSJ – The “Evil Empire,” as Boston Red Sox president Larry Lucchino once called the New York Yankees, occupies territory far beyond the Bronx. Virginia, North Carolina, Louisiana, New Mexico—according to Facebook, all are Yankee country. With the baseball season beginning in earnest on Monday, Facebook examined which of the 30 teams are most popular in each county nationwide, by Facebook likes of their team pages. Most teams win only in their respective geographic regions, but not the Yankees, who also are the preferred team in much of Florida, where they hold spring training. The Sox are favored in parts of the West, as are the Yankees.

Three teams don’t have a plurality of Facebook fans in any U.S. counties: the New York Mets, Oakland Athletics and, naturally, the Toronto Blue Jays.

There is no way you can be everyone’s favorite and be a bad guy, that is just how it is. And if Facebook isn’t science, I don’t know what is. So that entire perception of the Yankees as villains is obviously garbage. Does it surprise me that the Yankees have fans all across this country? Does it surprise me that we dominate New Mexico and Alaska and whatever fucking state that is at the top near Canada? Absolutely not. Because most other teams in Major League Baseball suck a majority of the time. If you want to be a fan of a team that’s going to try to win every year, you cheer for the Yankees. Because just like crying, there is no rebuilding in baseball when you’re a Yankee fan. It really is a beautiful thing and something that brings me joy everyday.

All the haters (fans of poor teams) are going to say “Well the Yankees are in a big market, etc.” which is true but at the same time, winning brings fans, fans bring money, money brings good players, which brings winning. Time is a flat circle or some shit like that. Does it take time for all of this to get ramped up? Of course it does, but if your owner is taking revenue sharing money and putting it in their pocket and not back into the team, you should jump ship cause you’re in an abusive relationship with your team.

Oh, and the Mets suck a bag of dicks and no one likes them. Fuck you Kevin.

KFC Editors Note: We couldn’t even win Queens? We couldn’t even win one of the Long Island counties loaded with Jews? God fucking dammit. And, seriously, Alaska? Why the fuck are you rooting for the Yankees?