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I'm Almost Certain That Cristiano Ronaldo Is Part Elevator After Watching This Insane Header

Here's an **exclusive** preview of the new Ronaldo cleats that are coming out in 2020. 

It's one thing to be able to jump 50 feet in the air. But to also have the body control to be able to perfectly place that header while you're flying through the stratosphere? Good lord.

You want to know what we need? We need somebody to build a real life Super Mario course and we need to see how quickly Ronaldo would be able to buzz through that bitch. And I'm not talking just some regular looking obstacle course or some shit like a mud run. I'm talking a legitimate real life Super Mario course with the boxes that are floating 20 feet in the air and everything. He'd be on a permanent super mushroom and just crush through the whole thing in 30 seconds. 


I feel like the technology is there to make it happen. Maybe for Qatar 2022.