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Melissa Midwest Drops Her Lawsuit Against

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NY Post – A popular ex-porn star is being dropped as the face of a multibillion-dollar Manhattan lawsuit against, making her the second hottie since January to be removed from top billing in the case. “Melissa Midwest” Harrington — once among the top 10 most-searched names on the Internet — recently demanded that she be removed from the class-action, trademark-infringement suit. Filed in November in Manhattan federal court, the suit accuses the Internet-dating giant and affiliated sites of posting tens of thousands of fake dating profiles featuring unsanctioned photos of pretty people to attract paying members. Lawyer Evan Spencer had quietly amended the complaint in January to replace the original lead plaintiff — part-time Florida model Yuliana Avalos — with Harrington, a 31-year-old former porn princess from Omaha, Neb. “Melissa hasn’t been in the [porn] business for five years and decided she just didn’t want the attention,” said Spencer, who is slated to discuss his proposed new version of the suit in court Monday.

Ah Melissa Midwest. I’ll be honest you could release any news story at all about Melissa Midwest Harrington and I’d blog about it. Like this story right here? I don’t give a fuck about it. I guess dating websites use her picture on ads to entice people to sign up? Yea no kidding, Melissa. Welcome to the internet. Every picture of every hot chick ever has been used like that. And considering in your prime you were perhaps the hottest chick ever blazing a trail for the porn industry, its not exactly shocking your picture is being used.

But the reason I wanted to blog this is because I’ve concocted the greatest internet porn idea of all time. Its gonna require three people coming out of retirement and there’s a lot of moving parts. Its gonna be like a Justice League of America type of team with Superman, Batman and the Flash. Or like when Guns and Roses and Stone Temple Pilots and all those guys formed that Supergroup Velvet Revolver.

What I’m talking about is a Melissa Midwest, Heather Brooke and Naughty Allie filming a 5-some with their 2 husbands. 3 of the greatest pioneers to the internet porn game. Heather Brooke consuming inches upon inches of penis, Naughty Allie getting her T’s F’d while she’s talking on the phone, and Melissa Midwest in a pink Santa outfit/skirt just blasting herself for fun. It would break the internet. Should do it for charity or some shit. All proceeds from this historic orgy go to benefit Africa or some shit. We’d fix that continent overnight.