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The Refs Reasoning For Making The Game-Deciding Call Against Kentucky Is So Fishy It Makes Tim Donaghy Look Innocent

Am I worked up over this game? Absolutely not. It's December, Kentucky already had an embarrassing loss and everyone stinks this year. If it happens in March then I'll be worried. Everyone knows Kentucky teams just get better as the year goes on. I mean, shit they made the title game as an 8 seed (yeah, UConn fans, I hear you). I'm not worried that everyone seemed to regress tonight except Tyrese Maxey. I'm not worried that EJ Montgomery was completely lost defensively on key possessions as a sophomore. I'm not worried that it took 34 minutes for Kentucky to wake up because they had to play at 11pm. That will all sort itself out. 

What I am worried about is the fishy behavior of officiating above. Now, I'm above saying that's why Kentucky lost. I'm just saying there's something here that makes Tim Donaghy jealous. I'm talking about the charge call that screwed Kentucky. 


Wait, nope. That was just a shitty call because refs are addicted to calling charges whenever someone falls down in college hoops. 

This is the play again: 

The reason for the review was the refs said 'they wanted to see if he was in the restricted arc.' Umm, I'm sorry? First things, what the fuck is the baseline ref looking at if he calls a block? It's pretty clear he's staring down the play, which happens 4 feet from the restricted arc. Then there's the fact that if they call a block because of the restricted area they point to it. That never happened. They made a subjective call and then reviewed it. Honestly, should have just been a no call. Dude from Utah is falling down before Maxey even hits him. Just something fishy with the reasoning here that I'm going to have to consult Marty and have him bring down the ref like last year. 


Beat Ohio State and/or Louisville and it doesn't matter. I just want an investigation into shitty officiating.