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Excuse Me, What The Hell? ASU Bench Player Scores 43 Of The Team's 56 Points In A 40 Point Loss To St. Mary's ... 43 Of 56!!!

I don't mean to over exaggerate anything here - but what the fuck is this box score? I've never seen anything like this before. I mean sure, I've seen Arizona State lose by 40 but I can't ever remember a time where I've seen someone come off the bench drop 43 points in a losing effort where the team scored just 56. That has to be almost impossible, especially the way he did it. Only hit 1 three and somehow just went to the line 6 times. Everything about this is insane - only 3 guys scoring, only 4 assists and Verge had 2 of them to go with his 43 points. Beyond wild. 

PS: I don't know, maybe start the guy next game?