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If Limp Bizkit Headlining A Music Festival Is Any Indication, 2020 Is Shaping Up To Be A Great Year

There are many great things about this music festival poster, but the best of them all is Limp Bizkit getting the top billing. Limp fucking Bizkit is back, baby! If you remember racing home from school in 1999 to see where “Nookie” would be on TRL and turning your little league hat around to pretend to be Fred Durst boy are you in luck because 20 years later they are headlining once again. Don’t worry, 11 year old you who threw a temper tantrum because your mom wouldn’t let you attend the Anger Management Tour because you were god damn ELEVEN YEARS OLD, your time is now! You’ll show them, 20 years later, that they just don’t understand you and never will.

Also big time shout out to Puddle of Mudd, still cashing those paychecks in 2020. That’s phenomenal. If you recall 2016, the lead singer of PoM was going through quite a little rough patch…



But looks like he’s back baby! He’s back. And you know what, good for him. A modern day Jesus, if you will.

And the best/worst part of all is blink-182 is on the same bill as them all. That’s how far my former-favorite band has fallen. They are sharing a bill with Puddle of Mudd in bumfuck Ohio. Yeesh.

And big shouts to Papa Roach. They showed the lead singer on the screen the last time I was at MSG and the crowd went bonkers. Papa Roach will always play, no matter what year it is. Remember when they signed Alien Ant Farm and then AAF put out the cover of “Smooth Criminal”? That was awesome.

So yeah, if all of this is any indication for how 2020 is going to be, buckle up, because we’re in for a GREAT year, my friends.