Polian Drops "Best Ability Is Availability" At Johnny Football Pro Day, McShay Flashes A Knowing Smile To The Stoolies

(apologize for the shitty quality only one guy had footage of it)

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Its pretty freakin hilarious when you think about Todd McShay, on live TV, in the middle of Johnny Football’s pro day, and you know, that just for a split second, my spastic combine performance entered his head. Would have loved to see Ed Werder throw it over to him like “Todd, what did you think?” and McShay is just sitting there with a blank stare for a second because he’s thinking about me running a 45 second 3 cone drill and jumping about 11 inches on the broad jump. Just a quick little smile and a glance at the camera like “Yup, I once used that phrase about the most unathletic man in the world and Bill Polian just said it in regards to the most electrifying quarterback on the planet earth right now.” Seriously the fact that me and Johnny Football were both described using the same phrase is absurd. Thats something that should never ever happen.