Stacey King Decided To Rub A Half-Naked Michael Jordan Before His First Game For Good Luck ... Wait, What?

[Source] - When I got to the Bulls, I felt like I could rub Michael instead rubbing of the poster. So, I rubbed him my first game as a rookie, and he looked at me like I was crazy and said, “Hey, man. What are you doing?” He had no shirt on and just had a pair of boxers on. At that particular time, I thought it was awkward. I could see why he thought it was awkward.

It was awkward. It was awkward.

I figured I don’t need the poster anymore. I got drafted by the Bulls. I get to do it every game real-live Michael Jordan version. And he just looked at me crazy when I did it.

I have a promise to you. Any time there is a ridiculous Michael Jordan story, which seems to be 1-2 times a month now, there will be a blog on it. I'm fucking addicted to Jordan stories, even if he ripped my heart out year after year after year as a kid. Did he ruin the perception of Patrick Ewing? You betcha. But we've moved on and we're here to blog Jordan stories. 

But this is 100% a crazy move by Stacey King, right? You can't be a rookie and come in and start rubbing a half-naked MJ for good luck. I don't care how superstitious you are - and King is extremely superstitious. Part of his routing was touching 3 MJ posters he had in his dorm at Oklahoma. 

King joined the Bulls in 1989, so Jordan was a thing by then. Sure he wasn't MJ, MJ yet but he was still Jordan. I don't care if you're the No. 6 pick in the draft or the No. 1 pick in the draft, you don't rub a half-naked Jordan. There are rules in the locker room and 1 should be don't touch your teammate as they are getting dressed. He's lucky Jordan didn't punch him - something he's been known to do to teammates. 

I'm all about being superstitions, especially in sports. That's a real thing and you're a dummy if you think otherwise. You have a good luck charm, you stick to that. I advise sticking to touching a poster for good luck instead of a real life human though.