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Your Favorite Bloggers And Their New Year's Resolutions

Today is a wonderful day folks. It is a fresh slate, a new year filled with promise, possibilities and the time where we set goals to be better, only to break those resolutions mere days, weeks, months later. 

The most commonly set (and broken) resolutions in the US are as follows: 

1. Lose weight/get fit

2. Quit Smoking

3. Learn Something New

4. Eat Healthier

5. Get out of Debt or Save Money

6. Spend More Time With Family

7. Travel To New Places 

8. Be Less Stressed

9. Volunteer

10. Drink Less 

I did a little poll around the office and sure enough, most of these answers were on the list. But don't worry, I can save my colleagues from themselves and be the accountability partner they don't even know they need. Every 90 days in 2020, assuming I'm still employed here, I'll check in, chastise/encourage and give updates back on the blog on where everyone's at in their journey. 

Anonymous: "Why does anyone need a resolution and even if this was a good day, the true New Year was two months ago"

Big Cat: Do 20 push ups a day

Big Ev: Be under 300 lbs for the first time since high school

Brandon Newman: Stay under 300lbs in the year 2020 (306 now, getting to 300 by year end) 

Brandon Walker: Lose my "titties" by 4/1

Chef: Limit bread intake to less than one sandwich a day (Currently eating AT LEAST one a day)

Devlin: Explore "outside my house"

Ebony: Get in 0 fights in 2020 (She got in 12 in 2019) Yikes

Ellie: Start talking to people of the opposite gender

Fran: Cook 3 meals a week

Feits: Go from 4 servings of veggies a week to 8 servings of veggies a week

Grinelli: Get yoked and get nutrition advice from Biss

Hank: "Turn my shoulders into boulders"

Jack (2): NOT start a secret gambling syndicate and get yelled at by Dave

Jordyn Berry: Be the next Kelly Martin

Kate: Find my car. Left it on the street a few months ago and never moved it for street cleaning. 

KFC: Buy less sneakers. Max 1 a month

Kelly Martin: Lose 100 lbs

Keith aka KMarko: Has a resolution but its "none of my business". Came back later to say "be nicer to co-workers".

Marina: Shredding for the wedding

Nate: Read 1 book a year

Paul LoDuca: "Quit Drinking Bourbon b/c it makes me a wild man"

PFT: Do everything I did this year but 100x harder

Ria: Go to gym at least 2/week

Robbie: Start working out. Workout 3x/ week

Rone: Read 2 books

Rudy: "Vibe harder... you'll know what that means in 2020"

Tommy: Doesn't believe in it

Trysta: Learn how to stop talking out of the side of my mouth... Actually, I want to learn how to have houseplants without killing them. 

YP: Learn Chinese. Why? Can you say dual threat? 

And last but not least... Deke Zucker: Don't get angry on the internet. Easier said than done.