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Troopz From AFTV Takes On Arsenal vs Man City In NYC

Troopz was in NYC and this past weekend I took him to the New York Arsenal fan bar to watch what I had predicted to be Man City’s funeral. For those that may not be familiar with Troopz, he’s a content creator on YouTube known for his contributions to AFTV. He’s arguably one of the most famous arsenal fans on the planet which pretty much guaranteed a packed house at the bar, the second he announced his presence. We had motherfuckers flying in from Cambodia for Christ sakes. From Cambodia for a god damn picture. Insane if you ask me but that’s the nature of the beast I guess.


The game didn’t go how we had hoped (lost 3-0) so we decided to let Troopz mix it up with all the gooners, AFTV style. He did some man on the street and got game reactions from people that had come to watch the game. This was prior to the Arteta news breaking so unfortunately, we couldn’t get people’s reactions.


Overall, we had a fun day despite the result. I hadn’t seen the bar that packed for a game since the Blind Pig (R.I.P the greatest soccer bar) days so that was pretty awesome. Shout out to everyone that came by and showed some love. Big up Troopz, Charlie and Dev for coming to visit us and I hope it won’t be long till we can do something like that again. To all gooners lets stop fighting and back Arteta cause they aint shit we can do about it now. Call me delusional but I firmly believe we can nail down a champions league spot for next season. We play a lot of games this festive period and the team has never needed our support more #COYG