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"We Broke LeBron. We Didn't Give A Fuck About LeBron" - Kevin Garnett Talking About His Playoff Battles With LeBron Is Both Awesome And Triggering

OK so this is a tough spot for me. On one hand I will die for Kevin Garnett, without hesitation. The second he OK'd the trade to Boston it changed my life forever. To this day I have never seen a more accurate commercial than this one when it all happened

When I say it was life changing shit I mean that with absolutely zero hyperbole. My whole life up until the summer of 2007 the Celtics were mostly dogshit. Anyone who grew up in the 90s can tell you about it. The dark dark days of this franchise. So right off the bat I will always take KG's side on pretty much anything. It's technically true that they ran LeBron out of CLE in 2010 too. He walked off the Garden floor and took his jersey off in the tunnel and the next thing you knew he was forming a super team in MIA in an effort to finally get over the hump that was the Boston Celtics. 

But you know what I didn't need today? I didn't need any sort of conversation about how the Celtics "broke LeBron". Why? Because Game 6 happened. I remember it, I was sitting there in the 3rd row and I watched LeBron play perhaps the best game of his career up until that point. He ripped my heart out and shoved it down my throat with no remorse. You could tell in warm ups that we were about to get something different, especially with how Game 5 went. There was no broken LeBron, the only thing broken were my hopes and dreams. So while I love Kevin, the fact that he is making my brain relive this right now

is fucked up. I've tried to bury that shit real deep since the second that game ended 7 years ago. I do think there was some truth to his statement that LeBron at that stage in his career needed a little help, but guess what, so did KG and all of the Big 3. That was the whole point. They came up short on their own and together they were unstoppable. Seems a little weird for KG to get on LeBron for making a similar career move, but listen I'm not here to split hairs. 

If KG says they broke LeBron I have no other choice than to agree with him. You bring me a title and I'll stand by your side no matter what the hell you say. Facts mean nothing to me as long as I can pull up old YouTube clips of you raising the Larry O'Brien trophy. Especially when it's the only one I've ever seen in 32 years on this planet. Seriously though fuck that Game 6, that shit is going to haunt me until my last breath. 


Don't think I'm over Chris Bosh hitting 3-4 threes in Game 7 as well as Shane Battier hitting 4-9 threes either. What absolute bullshit that was too. Or the 27-15 FTA difference. LeBron took more than the entire Celtics roster. Fucking Stern. Like KG said, they weren't the agenda.