The Drift Is Back Baby!

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 5.00.05 PM – Drift inn and stumble out. For those of you who’ve been to The Drift Inn, chances are it’s happened to you. The popular summer Dune Road spot which served as Neptune Beach Club during the day and The Drift Inn at night was in jeopardy of not opening in 2014 after the town bought the site in December of 2013. Drifters rest assured, they will be open and ready for Memorial Day weekend. The Drift Inn announced on theirFacebook page that this summer they have partnered with Beach Bar in Hamptons Bays. They promise the same bartenders, barbacks, bouncers and “always friendly front door crew” (for when you get stuck in the super long line to get in). Most importantly, the Hamptons club will keep their signature Drift Inn music. So don’t get rid of those ugly xmas sweaters because Christmas in July is still a Hamptons happening.

I didn’t hear no bell! The old Drift 2.0 may be a museum dedicated to black guys in the coast guard but Drift 3.0 is here motherfuckers! Not even gonna miss one summer night of action. I’ll be honest – the best part about the Drift was the layout and the place itself. The outdoor deck with multiple outdoor bars to hang out at. A couple thousand people outside next to the beach drinking cans of beer getting wrecked underneath the moonlit sky. I’ve only been to Beach Bar once or twice in my life, so I don’t remember too much about it, but I don’t think it can hold a candle to the Neptune layout. But I like that its in the Bays and more importantly the Drift is more of a spirit than anything. You ever see that movie Fallen with Denzel Washington? Old ancient demon that gets passed on from person to person and can never really die? Thats the Drift. Except its the spirit of thousands of white privileged kids that wanna get shitfaced. As long as there is some bar nearby that wants to make money off us, the Drift will always live on, getting passed from location to location. Immortal.