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The Ravens Had An NFL Record-Tying TWELVE Players Named To The Pro Bowl

ravens pro bowl

(graphic courtesy of @Ravens)


Twelve players… TWELVE!

What a testament to what kind of football team this Ravens team is. There are 88 total players named to the Pro Bowl, 44 to each side. The Ravens make up over a quarter of the entire AFC team. That’s just ridiculous.

This ties an NFL record (as it relates to the initial naming of the team) with the 1973 Dolphins, a team coming off the league’s only undefeated Super Bowl season. The ’73 Dolphins would go on to win back-to-back Super Bowls. That’s the kind of company the Ravens are in, and that Miami team played in a league with far fewer teams than the league’s current 32.

Obviously the way players are selected is far different now than it was in the past. A good portion of the votes are tallied using hashtags on Twitter, which means that social media buzz is a major factor in the voting. Clearly, the electric factory that is Lamar Jackson played a big part in this. It shows in the overall player voting, where Lamar finished with over 700,000 votes, which was over 160,000 more than the next highest vote getter.

The effect he’s had on his teammates and the buzz he’s created in this city has made itself evident here. Baltimore is one of the league’s smallest markets, but it’s a football town through and through and it’s in an absolute frenzy for its football team right now. That’s all thanks to Lamar Jackson. Some of these guys would’ve made the team anyway, but some also may not have gotten that proper kudos because they’re not playing in Dallas or New York. I assure you nobody is happier to have those guys get their recognition than Lamar himself. That’s the kind of guy and leader he is. MVP material.

Of course, I hope we never see any of these guys put on the AFC uniform. We’ve got far biggest goals to accomplish than the Pro Bowl. Super Bowl or bust from here on out. It’s just nice to see these guys get the recognition they deserve for putting on a hell of a season thus far. 12-2 and the AFC road to Miami comes through the Bank.

The best has yet to come. The AFC North is not enough. The AFC is not enough. We’re gonna get a Super Bowl out of Lamar Jackson. Belee Dat.


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PS: On a separate note, we’re loooooong overdue for us Baltimore folk to get together and watch this absolute wagon of a football team. SUNDAY at Mother’s in Fed Hill that changes.

Come on out and watch us get our rightful revenge on the Browns! Gonna be a hell of a time and I can’t wait to mix it up with some of you and talk about this beautiful football team. Can’t dream of a better deal than $25 AYCD right there. Big Truss baby.