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Leo DiCaprio: Awful Dancer, Confirmed


Real talk though, Leo looks like Chief on a Friday night after he has 3 Miller Lites in him.  All the confidence in the world thinking he’s Justin Timberlake and *nope* he’s a glorified Elaine Benes.  Doesn’t matter though, he can dance as shittily as he’d like.  He’s Leo, he’s at Diddy’s birthday party and his girlfriend Camilla Morrone was his arm candy of the evening.  Nobody on earth should give a shit how good at dancing they are under those circumstances, and Leo clearly doesn’t.  I mean, I can’t dance either but I’m legitimately sitting at home, blogging about him in my underwear:

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 12.33.11 PM

I’m not spitting out billion dollar movies on the reg.  And you guys think we’re joking when we talk about blogging in underwear, but I assure you we’re not.  Not. One. Bit.  It also gots me to thinking, you think Leo ever thinks he could work from home in his underwear?  Just get away from the public eye for a while?  Ha, not a chance.  Again, dude’s living the high life.  He’s on my Mt. Rushmore of “people I want to switch lives with”


Here is Camilla Morone, for research purposes or something


Goddamnit what a life that guy lives