A FedEx Driver Absolutely Obliterated A New Homeowner's Fence Then Drove Away Like Nothing Happened

(Source)- Sankar Arumugam always dreamed of being a homeowner, but he didn’t expect for his home to deliver surprises so soon. Arumugam closed on his first house in McKinney last Friday. On Sunday afternoon, a FedEx delivery driver drove through his fence in the backyard. “That’s when we heard a loud bang,” Arumugam said. “My first thought was, ‘Is somebody hurt? What’s going on out there? Is the driver hurt?'”

But the driver was not hurt. He was fine. And in a video captured by Arumugam, you can see the driver simply back out and keep driving. "I saw that he was not going to stop, he was just going to pull out. I took out my phone and I started shooting a video," Arumugam said.

The company would not say if the employee was disciplined or fired.

Let me start off this blog by saying I can understand why Sankar Arumugam would be upset at this driver. As a fellow homeowner (nbd) with the 30-year boulder chained to my neck to prove it, I know how angry I get when my dumbass breaks something expensive in my house let alone some random stranger taking down a goddamn fence before Big Sanky even got a chance to unpack all his boxes. 

But Christmastime is the time to forgive misdeeds like this immediately. No, not because it is a magical time of the calendar where a religion celebrates the birth of its Messiah by spreading the message of joy through happy songs, delicious cookies, and a gaggle of gifts. It's because the people driving FedEx, UPS, and USPS trucks are the actual people making the holiday season go round while some fake jolly son of a bitch at the North Pole gets the credit for all their hard work. While we are avoiding the chaos of mall parking lots by clicking Place Your Order on Amazon, those delivery workers are being sentenced to an entire month of hell. I had a UPS guy last year crying on the phone to his mom while saying "The packages just don't stop" as he laid down three brown boxes full of shit I didn't even remember ordering. 


Which is why I am going to give the FedEx guy a mulligan on this one for not stopping once he heard that crack or leaving a note once he saw the carnage he unleashed. I don't know if he thought he was cracking a branch, was too focused on the next 1000 deliveries to notice he was Truck Sticking a fence, or plain old didn't give a fuck. But as long as all those packages magically show up before December 25th, we must all agree to live with the collateral damage that comes with the real MVPs of Christmas delivering a bazillion gifts every single day without the help of any magical reindeer. And if the people on your route have been especially good, maybe hook them up with some goodie bags for what has to be the toughest job in the world this side of Joe Tessitore.

Obligatory part of the blog where I point out the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo for the few people on the planet that haven't found out about it on the internet yet.

If you somehow didn't know about the FedEx logo yet, here are some others you may not know, like the Milwaukee Brewers logo having an M and a B hidden in the ball and glove.

The Montreal Expos Easter Eggs

And of course the upside down Red Dog showing Batman eat out a chick.