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Legendary Deflategate Truther Gregg Doyel Wants the Patriots Kicked Out of the Playoffs Over Spygate 2


Remember Indy Star's Gregg Doyel? [Old Ben Kenobi voice] "Now that's a name I've not heard for a looonnng time." I believe the last time we've heard from him, he was ranting about Josh McDaniels turning down the Colts head coaching job early last year:

[M]ake no mistake: He’s one of the biggest frauds in the NFL. … What becomes of that rat is of no concern to me, not anymore, now that he has removed himself from our city and saved the Colts from themselves. … Josh McDaniels is a selfish little jerk, and he has succeeded only with Bill Belichick as his head coach and Tom Brady as his quarterback. … In the long run, the franchise will be better with someone else, anyone else, as head coach. 

Which I suppose is something I should've looked back on when Andrew Luck retired out of the clear blue sky just as the Colts were about to start their season and now a year of optimism in Indy has been reduced to smoldering ashes. Sitting in third place and giving up the same completion percentage to Drew Brees they would have if they didn't put any defenders on the field. While McDaniels looks like a genius for jumping out of the plane before it crashed. 

Before that, the last I remember hearing from him was when Peyton Manning was credibly accused of using HGH in a hidden camera interview. But then, he was all about standing on the principle of "innocent until proven guilty." 


No matter how many overseas trips a guy takes to get mystery treatments unavailable in the US or how many passing records he magically sets afterwards at the age of 37. A man says he didn't do it, well then by beard of Jim Irsay, he didn't do it, dammit. 

I mention Gregg Doyel because apparently his ideals about due process and equal protection under the law don't extend beyond anyone who didn't ever play for the Colts:

Source - No, the Patriots were working on the Bengals’ sideline, whether it was the way the Bengals’ signaled plays or … well, I can’t guess with the Patriots. Belichick is too smart for me, yes, but more than that, he’s too warped for me. He’s a guy whose team deflated footballs for an edge it didn’t need before the 2014 AFC championship game against the Indianapolis Colts;  legendary Patriots cheater, I mean quarterback Tom Brady, using those flattened footballs to run up a 45-7 victory in a game where the score was a formality anyway. …

Escalating punishment, remember. So what happens to the Patriots now?

Here’s a start: Dock them a game in the standings for the sake of 2019 NFL playoff seeding. …

How about this: Kick them out of the 2019 NFL playoffs.

Oh, I know. That looks ridiculous. I can hear talk-show idiots in Boston now, sending readers my way on Twitter and blasting me on the air, calling me obsessed with their team, missing the irony of their own obsession with me. But whatever. Idiots are going to idiot. Be Boston, Boston. …

Please. Enough’s enough. It would be justice for Goodell to send the Patriots to bed without their playoff supper, and see if they’re still so naughty going forward.

Pardon me? Idiots from Boston, obsessed with Gregg Doyel? Who us? 

Speaking for me personally, I'm not obsessed with Gregg, except in a good way. I find him delightful. It's people like him who help make life caring about the Patriots worth living. That is, aside from all the winning, historic performances, unforgettable moments, iconic personalities, ceaseless entertainment and fascinating storylines that captivate the nation. But for sure, guys like this nut tugger still claiming deflated footballs made a difference in the AFC championship game when the Patriots outscored Indy 28-0 after they were taken out of the game, make it more fun. 

Imagine what it would take for someone to suggest a team that earned a playoff spot (for the 11th straight year and the 17th time in Brady's 18 seasons as a starter, just saying) have to vacate the spot because some low level drone on the TV production side of the owner's massive empire pointed a camera at the asses of the Bengals coaches. From the press box, mind you. In front of the entire Bengals traveling staff. How severe must a guy's Patriots Derangement Syndrome be to even suggest such a looney - and loser scheme? Where's the pride, man? Where's the guts?

I mean, I hate the Lakers. But nothing would make me demand the NBA kick them out of the playoffs. Even if they took over an LA restaurant with guns and killed everyone inside for not showing the proper deference to Taco Tuesday just to please Lebron, I'd want them in the playoffs just for the sheer joy of watching them get their asses kicked by the Clippers or whomever. For sure I wouldn't ask the league to step in and spare us from them over a camera pointed to a sidelines in a league where no one's used hand signals for 10 years. Hell, the Houston Astros won a World Series using cameras to steal actual signs made with actual hands. And I'd never degrade myself by demanding MLB step in and play Hall Monitor. Instead I demand the Red Sox to right the wrong by beating them. Like people with some self respect do. As Duke Wayne says in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, "Out here a man settles his own problems."


Though I suppose I'm being naive if I expect anything more out of a town that gave the world this: