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I Hate This Guy Crying About Getting Kicked Off His Flight Because He Had A Pet Opossum With Him

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(source)–Stranded for days, he eventually booked a ticket on a United flight and took his chances — essentially sneaking the nocturnal wild animal on the plane.

Tautenhahn told The Post that he “didn’t want to lie to United about Zatara,” but that flight attendants “didn’t even ask.”

As for the first leg of his journey, he said he was honest with JetBlue from the onset and they told him “as long as she is in an approved carrier that fits under the seat,” it would be fine to fly.

“It wasn’t until sitting in my seat before take-off there was an issue,” he added.

JetBlue issued a statement on the issue to Fox 7: “JetBlue gladly accepts small dogs and cats only in an approved pet carrier. On the customer’s return trip, our crewmembers in Austin witnessed the opossum come out of its carrier and saw that it was not a cat or dog. The crewmembers informed the customer that the opossum would not be able to travel on the flight and worked to assist the customer with his options.”

Oh boo hoo you couldn’t get home for the holidays with your pet opossum. Man, shut the fuck up. If you have a pet opossum not only should be kicked off that flight, but you should be thrown on a permanent terrorist watch list.

“Gerald Tautenhahn? What’d he do? Al Qaeda? ISIS?”

“No he tried to fly with a rodent marsupial”

“Send him to Gitmo”

I re-watched Mad Men recently. 60 years ago people were hesitant to even bring their wife on a flight. Now we’ve got entitled assholes who think they’re justified to bring a rabies carrying wild animal on a flight. You want to bring your dog, I can accept that. You want to bring a species best known for playing dead and carrying diseases that’s where I draw the line. It’s just so arrogant. I can’t even carry on two bags, but you’re bringing an animal with it’s own pouch and is possessed by the devil. Look at this gif

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FUCK. THAT. Keep opossums where they belong which is dead on the side of the road.