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Drew Brees Breaks All Time Passing TD Record And Shoves My Colts In The Grave - Saints 34 Colts 7

Happy Drew Brees Day! Happy Michael Thomas Day! What a great night to be a Saint! In honor of whatever fucking holiday it was, we decided to give New Orleans the greatest night of their lives! It takes talent to lose 6 of the last 7 games, and it also takes talent to allow a QB to throw a TD to another QB.


Offense: Barley existed. Jacoby did a great job over-throwing open receivers and ignoring any open receiver. Run game? More like what game? Jordan Wilkins ran one in when the game was already over. At least the kid has heart.

Defense: Non-existent. It's like the Saints played the offense only practice mode in Madden. Quincy Wilson? SUCKED. Our coverage? SUCKED. This defense? SUCKED. Besides Denico Autry stopping a run for -2 yards, I can't recall one good moment from the defense. 

Special Teams: Poor Rigo Sanchez had to punt the ball 6 times tonight. Chase McLaughlin was 1/1 on extra points though. Baby steps for our kicking game. 

Congrats to Drew Brees for going 29/30, 4TD's, and breaking the All-Time Passing TD Record. Drew went to Purdue so that's the only win the state of Indiana got tonight. We are now one game closer to securing a great draft pick! Gotta keep the foot on the gas and keep losing baby! I miss Andrew Austen Luck. Go Horse.