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Josh Gordon is Suspended for Substance Abuse Yet Again

On the news that Josh Gordon is suspended yet again for falling under the evil spell of Satan’s Romaine, I am saddened, not gladdened. He seems like a good guy who just get that cannabis monkey off his back. Someone who needs serious help and seems to have gotten as much of it as anyone ever could hope for. But it’s just no use. A year ago we were all saying he’s had every break known to man and got yet another one, and here he is back to the same place. In the big game of “Chutes and Ladders” that is fighting a substance abuse problem, he just keeps finding the slide that sends him back to square one.

And I say that even as I repeat what I truly believe: That the NFL rules against cannabis use are archaic and draconian and need to be changed.

So I want to be sensitive to what he’s going through in what Gordon is going through in such a difficult time, both for him but also his loved ones and the Seahawks team that was counting on him coming through in the postseason.

And in that spirit, I will not take a victory lap over the fact the Patriots did not trust that he’d put his issues behind him and gave him his outright release. Not even to the Patriots harshest critics on The Sports Hub, who dunked on the team for not keeping him after he made one spectacular catch. Instead, I’ll just leave this here without comment.

Once again I say, get professional help, Flash Gordon.