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Jarvis Landry and Other Browns Players Were Yelling "Come Get Me" To The Cardinals Sideline Yesterday In Hopes Of Getting Traded

What a wild ride this year has been. In just one season, the Browns have gone from Super Bowl contenders to the same old Browns. And while some can astutely point out that we were never really contenders in the minds of anyone outside of Cleveland, no one can argue that this isn't the same old Browns. This story right here is literally the definition of Cleveland Browns football.

I've always lived by the phrase "where there's smoke there's fire", and while OBJ and others disputed Jay Glazer's initial report that Odell was saying "come get me" to other players and coaches in the league, I knew there had to be something to it. No way Jay Glazer makes up something this specific.


And now today we've got Mike Silver reporting that OBJ's bff Jarvis Landry was yelling "come get me" at the sidelines yesterday, too. I have no doubt in my mind that it is true. My only question is why was he yelling this to the 3-9 Cardinals? Is the Browns organization that bad that Jarvis would really beg Arizona to come get him? I would understand wanting to go to the Patriots or Ravens or another contender, but the 3-9 Cardinals?

Regardless, this situation is worse than I thought. And I already thought it was really really bad. But Jarvis Landry was supposed to be the heart of our team. The toughness. Remember his speech during Hard Knocks? About how he was going to give it all he has for this team and this city? Now he wants out. And OBJ has already made it very clear that the only reason he's trying is because Jarvis Landry is here...

This entire organization is a dumpster fire. If all of this is true, how many of them are actually back next year? John Dorsey cannot keep people that are yelling "come get me" to the other sidelines. But can Jimmy Haslem keep John Dorsey after this circus? And not to mention the fact that we have a brain dead head coach in Freddie Kitchens.

Welcome to Cleveland, folks. What's next? Literally nothing would surprise me anymore.