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'I Want To Know What My Players Are Thinking And Connect With The Young Guys' - Eric Musselman's Answer In A Press Conference About Why He Listens To PMT

We're at the stage where shit like this shouldn't surprise me, but it still does. I mean Eric Musselman is a major program basketball coach. He was the 'hot hire' this offseason. He's a friend of the program and here he is in the middle of a press conference being asked about Pardon My Take and the reason he listens to it. This is the picture that was floating around last week that is being talked about here: 


Now, I'd be lying if I said I can't stop laughing at these images being the face of the youth movement: 

Just fucking awesome. Eric Musselman is a dude who just gets it. I love that he adapts to the times and refuses to acknowledge what's going on - aka Barstool and PMT. I love that he doesn't care what other coaches think of him and he'll do things like show up to a frat house for dinner after being invited on Twitter or post pictures with recruits recreating famous NBA plays. 

Taking over college hoops, next up the moon. I hope some old golf media clowns see this and get even more pissed.