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I Won't Sleep Until We Get Thor The Deaf Puppy Back To His Family


The Sun Ten days have gone by since a Baltimore County couple had their 13-week-old deaf puppy stolen during a burglary, and they continue to pass out fliers, raise money for a reward and hope that Thor will be returned unharmed. “That’s our family,” said Mike Lenhart. “We want our family back.” On March 13, Anna Hiken returned to her Timonium apartment to find it ransacked. Missing was a 55-inch flat screen television, a PlayStation 3, a MacBook Pro, other electronics and Thor, the puppy Lenhart had gotten her just before Valentine’s Day. The mostly white puppy with black specks on his pink nose and ears that stay  folded together above his head was taken from his crate, and the couple worries the dog might be abandoned or mistreated because he is deaf. Lenhart said Baltimore County police are investigating the burglary, which took  place in the 2400 block of Chetwood Circle.


What a lowlife. TV’s, computers, Playstations… all replaceable. But it takes a special kind of scumbag to steal an adorable little puppy like Thor here. So harmless, so innocent. Thor is only 13 weeks old. Right at that maximum level of cuteness. And the worst part is every minute Thor is away from his family is another minute at that level they’ll never get back. Can’t even imagine how devastating this is for them. So let’s do a good thing Baltimore. Spread the word about Thor. Let’s get him back home to his family and lock this jabroni up. I have no idea what the penalty is for stealing a puppy, but anything short of life in pound-me-in-the-ass prison is nowhere near enough.


Thor’s family has set up a gofundme to raise money for a reward for Thor’s return. If they are unable to find Thor, the money will be donated to an organization that helps deaf dogs. DONATE HERE