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'Fucked Up My Debut' - Rajon Rondo, Who Was Supposed To Be In 'Uncut Gems' With KG, But Missed His Flight And Didn't Want To Pay $95,000 For A Private Plane

Rajon Rondo has and always will be one of the most interesting dudes to play basketball. He's been like that since his days at Kentucky. You never knew what he was going to say, what game he was going to be addicted to or what move he'd pull on the court. He has the perfect amount of asshole to him. That shows in this quote right here.

My guy is saying he was cast for a cameo, says it was a big role and then didn't want to pay $95,000 for a private jet. I love this quote so much. It's the perfect amount of snark, sarcasm and well, asshole. I needed to see Rondo acting, I can't imagine it. The dude just constantly is a modern day Dennis the Menace and I can't picture him on a set with his buddy KG. 

I will say this though. This is just some good money management by Rondo. You think he's going to PAY to be in Uncut Gems? I don't think so. He pulled a move we all have done before. How many people honestly make the 6am flight? In theory it sounds great. You get either home or to your destination early and have a full day ahead of you whether to party or recover. It's perfect. However, that night before you 100% stuck in the middle of deciding on trying to go to sleep early or just staying up all night. You typically end up falling asleep around 2 or 3 and sleep right through that 4am alarm. 


The difference is we don't have the luxury of thinking about a private jet like Rondo here. Just a perfect quote by Rondo though. 

I don't want to speak on behalf of PMT, but I do think they can find a role to make up for this missed opportunity in Boner Dogs.