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Parents And Buzzkills Not Loving This Long Island Twitter Account That Shows Kids Getting Wasted

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NYDN - Long Island is a teenage wasteland — if you believe this shocking Twitter account. The handle @LIPartyStories exposes unabashed and smashed youths in various stages of undress, chronicling every embarrassing moment of their drunken reveling — to the horror of parents and advocates. “Listen, we simply made this page for something kids can look at and have a good laugh,” the unknown account owner told the Daily News via direct message on Friday. “The pictures we post are pictures we are being sent.” The account also makes veiled references to rape and sexual assault on several occasions, including one image of an unconscious girl with a sign advertising free acts with her. The account was inspired by @SUNYPartyStories, which makes the Long Island version look tame in comparison. “We aren’t promoting anything,” the owner said flatly regarding the questionable material. The administrator would not reveal if the Twitter feed is being run by single person or a group of people — or if they are adults or fellow high school students. The account has a cult-like following on Twitter: @LIPartyStories collected 25,000 follers since it launched in late December.

Man oh man am I happy I did most of my partying in the days before social media. I mean sure I’m still getting hammered and doing irresponsible stuff. Yes, Vines and pictures of me drunk still end up on the blog and I get mortified in public. But the difference is I’m just a grown ass man now choosing to live like an asshole and I have a job with virtually zero repercussions. If I was a kid growing up in this age I’d be virtually terrified every time I went to party that I’d end up on social media. Pictures of you with a blunt in your hand? Kicked out of school. Pictures of you passed out drunk? You’re not going to college. Pictures of you hooking up with a drunk chick? All the sudden you’re catching a stach rape case. There’s just so much bad shit that can happen now that all your partying goes public and viral. I just thank God every time I see one of these stories that all those wild and crazy nights downing a sixer of Mikes Hard Lemonade weren’t documented. Everyone pretending to be blacked out so they didn’t remember all the dumb shit I did either.

If anything parents and shit should be happy these accounts exist. Probably makes at least a couple kids think twice before getting naked and hammered and all that other embarrassing stuff.