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People Are Saying That Mitch Threw Nagy Under The Bus After The Game

.I gotta be honest...I'm not eating the trash on this one and that's not me trying to defend Trubisky or look out for Matt Nagy.

That's not to say that I think Campbell is completely out of bounds either because I think he generally does a pretty good job, but I just don't think this quote deserves some type of magnifying glass.

Mitch has never really gone out of his way to do this kind of thing so I truly do give him the benefit of the doubt in thinking that he was speaking as a team when he said "Could've done a lot of stuff, yeah." meaning the Bears from top to bottom. Things like this tend to get misconstrued right after a game because you're answering questions about why you lost so getting tripped up or taken out of context happens.

Obviously if he wasn't taken out of context then it's pretty shitty for him to do that to Nagy after he's had his back all year when things weren't going well for him. 


At the same time though I don't think it's wrong to be upset with Nagy about yesterday's game. We seemed to be putting a formula together versus Detroit & Dallas and it felt like we completely went against it verse the Packers. I'm not sure what the full answer to fix all of this is, but the bottom line is that both of these guys failed this year and they know they did. The good thing for them is that they will both most likely get another crack to make it right next year so let's hope they figure it out so Chicago can no longer be wildly depressed.