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John Calipari For President - Seriously, GT Coach Josh Pastner Says 'Mark My Words ... Cal Will Run When He's Done Coaching'

Well, well, well, look who just got into politics. I can finally respond to all those people upset about any political blogs from the first 3 months Riggs was hired and they refused to read the author's name. Kinda wish that worked for golf, but I digress. 

The 2028 Presidential election just became my favorite thing in the world. Josh Pastner, who worked for Calipari at Memphis and knows him well says there's no doubt he'll run for politics - President of the United States or at least Governor or Senator. I love it. Put the man in charge of the country and I'll never feel more confident about the economy or whatever adult words you want to use. 

Could you imagine him during debates? it'd be ratings through the roof. The man loves to talk and he already has perfected the ability to talk up his team and defend them from the injustice of NCAA Tournament seedings. He'd be must-watch during debates, no doubt about it. 


Calipari/Reags 2028: Built by Kentucky, Made for America.