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The Indians Have Traded Corey Kluber Because We're Too Poor To Contend

Terrible trade. Absolutely finessed. First of all, we have enough .240 hitting outfielders on this roster. And second of all, I don't care if this guy has an upper 90s cutter than can touch 100. We don't need anyone like that coming out of the bullpen if this team isn't going to contend. This trade was clearly not meant to bring back pieces to add to a championship contending puzzle. This trade is a salary dump. Woohoo. Shout out to the Dolans. #SellTheTeam

So this is how it's going to be, huh? The Indians are going to unload their guys, and we're going to "rebuild". The price clearly isn't going to be very high though. Delino Deshields Jr?? Great, toss another utility outfielder into the mix. I'm disappointed the Indians couldn't get more, and that feeling around the sports media industry is being echoed loud and clear...


Step right up and give the Indians a call! If you can save us any money at all, we'll trade with you. Who wants Clevinger? Who wants Lindor? The Dodgers have to be calling every two minutes if this is all we're asking for in our deals. This was a salary dump!! Don't tell me we got back any big pieces.

This is the maximum value we could get? Would've been better off just seeing if Kluber regained his 2x Cy Young form. Again, this is a salary dump. Don't tell the fans it's not. And don't tell me we're about to try and retain Lindor. The Dolan's are more concerned about their money than giving the Cleveland fans a winning team. It's sad. Just sell the team.  

But here's the thing: the narrative right now from Chris Antonetti is that we're going to use this saved money to "re-invest" back into the team THIS YEAR. Let's see it then, Chris. Let's use the $17 million this year and $18 million next year that we were going to pay Kluber and get some bats in this lineup. I will note that the Indians did just fine without Kluber for a while last year. If we're going to use all of this money and then some to strengthen the lineup, great. Let's see what we can do. But the Indians ownership I know will pinch pennies and Clevinger and Lindor will be gone by the deadline.